“The Call of the Wild”


The background to this article was based on a Smart City tender that we have been pushed through to the final round. A medium-sized city in Sweden wanted companies to respond to their public tender that was focused on innovation. The municipality was after exactly what was written above clearly stating, that this solution does not necessarily exist in the market today.

The one solution to rule them all?

“To develop a wireless, self-learning, platform-independent, open (software, API, hardware) control monitoring system that in a continuous optimal way can handle the situation with multiple conditions as described above. The system must be flexible and optimize the heat supply by considering the room (the individual radiator) via the house (the in-house system) to the energy supplier and energy producer. The system shall strive for the lowest possible CO2 emissions for the existing heating system.”

i. The past, present, and Future of Building Automation

The Pillars

One API to the building approach since that was how I started when I was at Go-IoT, and I still think they were on to something big in having BACnet/IoT everywhere, as in sensors as well as Cloud. I know their solutions are lightning-fast and they have sensors that talk BACnet natively, which is part of what I was after.

Some of the pillars that I believe should be in there:

· Remote access

The ecosystem approach

I wanted to create a BACnet environment in the building to keep it interoperable and then use some security something from a combination of Tempered Networks, Tosibox, with maybe some Totem threw in there together with some other players. I knew that if I needed additional vendor vetting, based on the outcomes I was looking for, I would just reach out and pay Anthony Veri for some consultancy time to get me where I needed to be. Knowing whom to ask is one of the most important things in my world.

Summary — “Frankenstein's monster?” and “Who is it good for?”

But what was the result of a solution like this? A Frankenstein’s monster? Or did it tick all the boxes the municipality wanted and more? How far should the open go? Should it be Sandstar level of openness even into the hardware parts?



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