The Handshake-Problem with the API-economy

An API is basically like defined handshake. I have my defined handshake, you might have yours and if we were to shake hands, we’ll face a couple of different options which are described here. The definition of an API is an Application Programming Interface.

  1. We don’t have any defined APIs

Imagine this at scale.

We are in the same room. We all want to talk to each other, but we have different definitions of the same things. Or we have different definitions of different things. We speak in different languages. And everything about what we do, how we do it, is totally different. We come from different worlds but somehow, someone came up with the idea that we are going to act like one just because we share the same definition of a handshake. And someone else out there expects that it is the outcome of us working together that is the amazing thing.

Culture will eat strategy for breakfast

A handshake is nothing but a handshake. It is what comes after which is the most important and exciting part. Thinking that the outcome of the merger will lead to amazing results just because you shake hands with the other company is exactly the same thing that is happening right now out there in the world of IoT. It won’t really bode well.

  • Is it a huge one outside?
  • Is it indoors?
  • Does it have a star at the top?
  • What’s the color of the star?
  • The material of the star?
  • The height of the tree?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning needs more than a handshake

Not having the definitions set is a huge problem for the ones that want to do analysis on the data. It is again the same thing as all of these individuals send their reports to Headquarters somewhere. And the information comes from different departments, in different languages and everything is different. Hence, it is extremely difficult to make sense of the data.

The solutions to all of these problems

As discussed, APIs are a good start but don’t get fooled in thinking that the API economy is the end of all of our problems. As discussed over and over again (It’s important!) it might actually be the exact opposite and the beginning of a whole new set of problems as depicted above.



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