Solving the skill shortage gap, forever.

  • How can we enable collaboration and communication between experts in their respective fields, and with people with zero understanding of HVAC, lighting, pneumatics, valves, BACnet, vendor lock-in, the cost to do something, where stuff is, etc etc?
  • How do we get them to collaborate?
  • How do we transfer the knowledge from the one person who knows everything, into the minds of the 5 people with different backgrounds, working in separate parts of the organization/building?
  • How do we agree on a shared truth between engineers when they only have access to BI-dashboarding tools, that offer a glimpse into a part of the building that is also reserved only for experts?
  • What to do? The one in charge of that has no clue where it leads to, and their BI dashboard does not show the correlations to the entire plant, only their area!
  • The one that knew all this retired a month ago, and the 4 people in charge do not know where to start and how everything is connected.
  • And the one person that has an idea, cannot explain well enough, nor get the understanding from all the different dashboards.
  • What do to?
  • It absorbs data from any kind of source, irrespective of standard, API, and it makes sense of the world as it is by mapping data sources to a non-industry-specific ontology.
  • Initially, data was mapped towards the visual aspects of the Digital Twin and attached to CAD/BIM/GIS data from a template building/the real building to enable people to understand and see the space that they are all in.
  • Everyone can see why the pump burst, what it is related to in the entire factory, and they can all agree on what the problem is, and what the solution is. As well as run simulations of what will happen if they do x y and z and get suggestions from the system itself.
  • They can quickly come together and determine what needs to be done since the systems are talking to each other, and that people can communicate around one true source that is the visual digital twin. Not just dashboards.
  • Other data that hasn’t been available help them in an invisible way of making decisions by eliminating possible outcomes that are too risky, too costly, or will lead to unintended consequences for any of the other disciplines in the factory/or organization.



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Nicolas Waern

Nicolas Waern

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It took me 37 years to create an approach to solve all the challenges in the world. Now I’ll spend the rest of my life to get it done. Are you with me?