Future Building Operators

Cameras are Watching

This is a thought-provoking and thrilling article that I really appreciate because the topics are extremely important. Ethics, long-term thinking, what happens if AI has a data fabric where it can roam free?

Eight months in

is a great read that is basically summarized in this image below:

Open Systems: A Key Pillar to the Mass Adoption of Building Automation Technology

Very interesting read about Brainbox AI and also their relationship to Niagara. But…is Niagara open? Or just a different kind of lock-in? Or does open not take vendor-lock-in into account?

Edge AI Empowers Smarter Building Management

I have been talking to several people from Foghorn for a couple of years and I really love what they do. The article is interesting in the sense that everything everyone else says about what smart buildings could do via a cloud approach, the author says that it can be done without data going to a data center somewhere and turning back (That said the future is about a modular data-strategy approach where the companies win that has the possibility to do everything).

Facilities Management Software?

This article is interesting in its own right but it’s also something which I can probably find 10000s of articles a google away or just looking at their website. Great insight into what Facilities Management could be, but it is too generic for my taste.

Adapting to the New Reality: KNX is the ideal standard for market-leading building control projects now and in the future

This article has two major topics that are quite thin in nature.

What will the foundation of smarter buildings look like?

Will it be the same foundation for small, medium, and large buildings?



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