Never talk about IoT when talking about IoT. Business should always be what is dictating the agenda of technology. 100% of the time. There’s absolutely no point in talking about technology for technology’s sake, except for the fact that is fun. We often fall into this trap ourselves, but it is a dead end. Business has to be the driver.

First rule of IoT is to not talk about IoT

“Go-IoT — We want you to just Go with IoT!”

Which is also the name for our modular Edge Gateway/BMS Controller, the DINGO. But that’s where it should stop. And that’s where we will stop as well and move on to what this blog post is all about.

Talking to or talking with?

  • What is the end goal?
  • How will strategy improve customer experience?
  • What will happen with the data?
  • How will you capitalize on the network effect?
  • What about security?

All of these points above are really important. Basically what the article says and what this blog post is all about is that there’s more to the eye than technology. After our CEO pursued his Master in IT Management the most important thing that he learned, was that you should never ever say the word IT. Never. This was directly related to “IT-projects” but it concerns technology in general. Everything about IT Management was to pursue business objectives. Yes, technology can become a driver for strategy but it is always the business strategy that needs to come first and how technology can help in achieving them in the best way possible.

Network effects are incredibly important

Even if you have APIs then what they can do is to shake hands. That’s it. It won’t make solutions or technologies interoperable. It won’t give them the same properties. It won’t let you do much, since there’s no common ground to stand on. It’s a little bit more complex than that, unfortunately .

In order to simplify the whole reasoning behind APIs, we broken it down into pieces here.

The most important thing when discussing IoT is not to talk about technology at all. What are the goals, what’s the business all about, who should be in the meeting, roles, people, culture, existing processes and everything in between. Breaking projects down into pieces usually helps and it is always easier to prove value first, and then scale up. That’s the whole idea. To make it as easy with technology to just “Go-with IoT”

Nicolas Waern

Nicolas Waern is the CEO, Strategy & Innovation Leader, and a Digital Twin Evangelist at the consulting firm WINNIIO. He is a firm believer that the Real Estate Industry needs more of a lifecycle focus where we need to go Beyond Buildings and come back with an understanding what tools and technology we could use. And to solve the jobs to be done, together, with an open mindset.

Nicolas is working with leaders in several industries to understand how they can succeed in the age of AI. Predicting what the world will do in a week, a month, a year from now and to best utilize strategies and solutions that pass the test of time. He does this through a Digitalization- on Demand approach for anyone that needs to change before they have to.

Nicolas is a Podcast Creator & Newsletter Editor for Beyond Buildings
Thought Leader regarding Smart Buildings & Building Automation for AutomatedBuildings
Speaker and Influencer Event Streaming Platforms as the Holy Grail for Industry 4.0 Applications
Subject Matter Expert Real Estate Digitalization Proptech Digitalization Expert
Active Member of Digital Twin working groups Digital Twin Subject Matter Expert



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Nicolas Waern

It took me 37 years to create an approach to solve all the challenges in the world. Now I’ll spend the rest of my life to get it done. Are you with me?