First rule of IoT is to not talk about IoT

Considering that our name is Go-IoT, this might make you think that we are crazy. And yes, we probably are. But let’s see if there is some method to this madness. Because even though it is counter intuitive and it directly contradicts both the title and the opening statement, people are talking about IoT. And we are listening in to the conversation and our mission is to enable others to easy access and connection to existing systems with IoT, which will make you just Go with it. This week, a person got into a conversation with us just because of the fact that our name spells out IoT. We will change it at some point in time, but not just yet.

Talking to or talking with?

There are 5 simple, but valid points in this article about the questions you have to ask when discussing IoT.

  • What is the end goal?
  • How will strategy improve customer experience?
  • What will happen with the data?
  • How will you capitalize on the network effect?
  • What about security?

Network effects are incredibly important

Us people, should talk to each other, and that is equally true for the things as well. Sending data to Corporate headquarters without doing anything with it, is not really that smart. It is when you create a summary from departments, after having talked to your co-workers, that you will be able to deduce what is truly going on and then send a summary report to your boss. It’s not so much about getting data up to “the cloud” as it is in making things talk to each other. And as the article states, that requires a certain level of interoperability and transparency when it comes to capitalizing on the network effects.



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