Benefits Realization with Digital Twins

A well-defined challenge and Intended benefits goes a long way

The saying goes:

i. Comparison of benefits management with traditional IS project approaches, Benefits Management by Ward & Daniel 2006
ii. Business strategy described as a high-level benefits network, Benefits Management by Ward and Daniel 2006

How companies can survive and thrive in turbulent times

Because as I’ve argued before, existing companies are built to die. But with this approach, they will definitely increase their likelihood of success.

iii. The same data, the same infrastructure, but with visualization and benefits realization in mind

Mind the gap — handover, what handover?

And here is the big problem. Today, with how current companies are working/not working, the value that should follow the building during the whole lifecycle gets destroyed during the handover phase. That is why all this technology focus, in silos, talking about what constitutes a digital twin, doesn’t always make much sense from a real-world perspective.

Going Beyond Buildings

This is why WE need to go beyond buildings, understand the benefits that need to be derived, use modern technology to do things better, and start realizing the TRUE potential of buildings.

Thank you

A big thank you to Melissa Boutwell at ASP who helps owners realize the true potential of buildings by educating their employees to stay in the now to deliver value for real. To Sam Holt at JE Dunn who’s the national Director for Construction company JE Dunn, enabling the industry to build Smart from Start. Ken Olling at SEKAI, a Digital Twin creation platform that helps companies take decisions on ALL of the data. Toni Luhti at Platform of Trust helps companies harmonize data from different sources without the need for taxonomies and ontologies. To Mats Persson at who’s helping construction companies with BIM coordination and value realization during the whole lifecycle. Thanks for inspiring me to write this article. And a big thank you to my former Professor, Kalevi Pessi for introducing me to the book Benefits Management by Ward & Daniel on how to deliver value from IS & IT Investments.



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