Are Existing Companies Built to Die?

i. Slide from the Confluent Kafka Summit in London 2019 about the importance of real-time data
ii. The “Five-model” depicting the main perspectives of any organization
iii. A slide depicting the current state of workings for a traditional business
  • How fast are other organizations moving in the industry?
  • What are the threats from other industries moving forward much faster?
  • Are the barriers to entry beginning to be removed, making it easier for anyone to innovate?
  • Are existing channels being re-invented by new players in the market, circumventing existing ways of working?
  • What are the primary revenue streams of existing businesses, and does that correlate to future ones?
  • How suited is the existing organization to fulfill future needs?
  • What is the need for the companies products/services on the market?
  1. Change the existing organization to capitalize on existing and future opportunities.
  2. Disrupt the existing organization, start new from scratch, and out-compete the existing one.
iv. There’s an equal sign between the level of digital maturity between the organization and the tools it is using
  • There’s no doubt that most companies operating in the real-estate space, as well as other traditional industries, are in fact, built to die.
  • There’s no doubt it’s more about business and strategy than it is about technology for existing companies.
v. Picture depicting the two sessions I am participating in at the AHRexpo in Orlando 2020



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Nicolas Waern

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It took me 37 years to create an approach to solve all the challenges in the world. Now I’ll spend the rest of my life to get it done. Are you with me?