What inspired me to write this article was something I also talked about last month in the article “What killed the Dinosaurs? The AI-age!”. It will be about how companies are viewing technologies and how companies could get started. After all, before we can think outside the box, we first must define the box. And the best starting point to find and leverage scalable and innovative solutions is to have well-defined problems.

What view of technology do existing companies have in the Real Estate Industry? What view do they need to have? Don’t we also need a planetary purpose and…

EMAIL INTERVIEW — Nicolas Waern and Ken Sinclair

Nicolas Waern, WINNIIO

“ The Building Whisperer”



3D-Printing and No-Code-Platforms and Digital Twins, oh my!

“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently,
that which should not be done at all.” — Peter Drucker

Ken Sinclair: Nicolas, two articles this month? And an interview? What is going on? You are leaving everyone else in the dust! Let us limit this to 3 questions, shall we?

First of all, what’s new?

Nicolas Waern: Hopefully, I can get my podcast going, as well as the newsletter. I have 8 podcasts/meetings recorded around…

OT-technicians? IT-people? Developers? The Users? Or will the building itself running, AI?

Nicolas provides his perspective and comments/summaries of past articles and blogs

Will the future building operators be OT-technicians? IT-people? Developers? The users? Or the building itself running AI?

I was just going to do some research before writing my December article, but I couldn’t help making some comments and summaries of my own. Which led to the slippery slope of writing this December article.

My thoughts are these:

Vendors need to talk about what makes them different, what is possible with their tools, and what sets them apart…

Answering a Request for Proposal in Innovation

To achieve this below — What would you do? How would you go about it?

“To develop a wireless, self-learning, platform-independent, open (software, API, hardware) control monitoring system that in a continuous optimal way can handle the situation with multiple conditions as described above. The system must be flexible and optimize the heat supply by considering the
room (the individual radiator) via the house (the in-house system) to the energy supplier and energy producer. The system shall strive for the lowest possible CO2 emissions for the existing heating system.”

What would you propose…

What have we learned, and what thoughts and questions have arisen from the first two episodes?

In episode one of the series, we talked to someone who came from the building automation side and is working with Smart Technology and is a driving force in the Proptech space. We talked about what he is doing, what the differences were with APIs, BACnet introduction, secure communication to and from the building, and that BACnet still has its place. It was a great episode and I remember laughing and learning a lot. It ended with us discussing if building connectivity challenges.

Forget about Smart from Start, antifragility, and classic business models that don’t offer anything new. The future will be about buildings that stay relevant and get exponentially smarter over time.

“You can save hundreds of millions of dollars with continuous improvements to a Smart Building, which is a stark contrast to other Building Automation Vendors that do something else continuously:

- Ask you to pay again!”

A Battle of business models

One of the major reasons why Smart Buildings are winning against its competition hands down is completely overlooked, underrated, and rarely mentioned. It is the continuous value creation for…

We are not only looking at a skill shortage gap, but also the skill transfer/knowledge transfer gap.

Do you want to solve problems for real? Do you want to collaborate with experts all over the world, and realize the true potential of buildings from a lifecycle perspective? Do you want to stop making decisions in a vacuum and share ideas with others all over the world? Reach out to me here on Linkedin if interested and stay in tune with Beyond Buildings where we will announce something shortly. We are about ten people already from the entire lifecycle that want…

– Is Rural the new Reality?

Thanks to Ken Sinclair, Rick LeBlanc, Rick Rolston, Therese Sullivan, and Brad White for inspiration and comments in an email conversation. YOU are the inspiration! (Please click the link and listen to the song when reading the article for some added ambiance).


The head of research here in Sweden from the largest PM company in the Nordic said that more people were moving to Stockholm from abroad than it was internally in Sweden. Swedes are moving away from the city out into the suburbs or rural areas. …

-EMAIL INTERVIEW — Nicolas Waern and Ken Sinclair

“The Building Whisperer” — Making buildings talk to people

The podcast with James was a great discussion between him and me about our past, what we think about the future and the whole idea of decoupling hardware and software.

Sinclair: Hey Nicolas! How have you been since AHR? How’s Corona treating you?

Waern: Well, not too bad to be honest, considering the global turmoil. The whole family’s been stuck in quarantine now for about 12 days. It’s been a lot of monopolies, watching Pokemon, and also recording some meetings for…

The Building Buzz Breakdown, 2020-edition. Innovation all around

Smart Nations, Quantum Computing, IoT Platforms, Digital Twins as a concept, Distributed Intelligence, Ontology-based Digital Twins, and a partridge in a pear tree. It is still a jungle out there, which is why I tried to jot down some of the things I have seen lately and put them in the Building Buzz-cycle depicted below. The perspective is that from a more traditional building automation perspective, and that is why it might differ from other frameworks.

You can find last years’ article below where I go into some detail of what I…

Nicolas Waern

It took me 37 years to create an approach to solve all the challenges in the world. Now I’ll spend the rest of my life to get it done. Are you with me?

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