3D-Printing and No-Code-Platforms and Digital Twins, oh my!

  • Smart City initiatives where data harmonization from different silos need to be merged and trusted for citizen happiness indexes.
  • Smart City initiatives focusing on existing and future resiliency metrics around critical infrastructure and supply chains. Such as food supply, water supply, energy supply, and others.
  • Smart City initiatives incorporating a Digital Twin Strategy to find missing data by providing contextual information around hundreds of thousands of missing assets in the city.
  • 3D printing companies selling printers able to print 1500ft2 structures up to 4 stories high, ready to ship all over the world, also with engineering expertise to help companies from start to finish.
  • Data Centres utilizing plug and play wireless mesh to see vast improvements affecting insurances, green certifications, and of course resiliency and efficiency on a platter.
  • Blockchain and IoT incorporated in resilient Smart City metrics to understand important trends about the past, present, and future.
  • Industry 4.0 initiatives where edge analytics is done locally reducing cloud spending by over 90% utilizing distributed logic.
  • 5G initiatives where both private cloud and hybrid clouds strategies will be the norm.
  • Organisational/Ecosystem-wide data strategies emerging as one of the most important aspects of any organization.
  • Digital Twin creation platforms utilizing an ontology of ontologies and a Google/Facebook approach to data manipulation (possibly getting rid of the standards-wars, and taxonomy-wars out there) to get data from hundreds of thousands of assets out in the field in less than 1,5 milliseconds.
  • No-Code/Low-Code Platforms will be the next VERY big thing in traditional industries, enabling people and companies to adopt technology like never before.
  • Digital Twin “storage” as the one true source. As it should be.
  • Minecraft world, here we come.
i. Digital Twin Creation Platform for construction, systems integration, real estate and Smart Cities
  • It’s the data, as well as the technology, they don’t have that will change their life forever.



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Nicolas Waern

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It took me 37 years to create an approach to solve all the challenges in the world. Now I’ll spend the rest of my life to get it done. Are you with me?