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Nicolas Waern
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What have we learned, and what thoughts and questions have arisen from the first two episodes?

In episode one of the series, we talked to someone who came from the building automation side and is working with Smart Technology and is a driving force in the Proptech space. We talked about what he is doing, what the differences were with APIs, BACnet introduction, secure communication to and from the building, and that BACnet still has its place. It was a great episode and I remember laughing and learning a lot. It ended with us discussing if building connectivity challenges. Tommy Hagenes

Questions after the episode:

“AI is not a magic wand; it is not Terminator; it does not mean dystopia; it is just a tool. Treat it as a tool designed to make lives simpler.” — Garry Kasparov- Dealing with the inevitability

In episode two of the Beyond Buildings Podcast, we talked to and Chris Hallendy from Chad Ruch on how they solve problems for customers. They are using the ecosystems approach to some extent and leveraging the Niagara framework and Honeywell systems approach. We talked about what is going on in today’s landscape, what AI means in the context of building automation, getting data in and out of buildings, and also about the data-strategy side of things. Resolute has spent millions on setting up a robust cloud infrastructure to support their customers and I remember that I brought up the edge strategy side of things as well. Resolute Building Intelligence

Questions after the episode:

These episodes were recorded “a long time ago”. I don’t know about you but I learn something new in every meeting I have and what was right 6 months ago, should definitely be right now as well, but the context just keeps getting larger and larger.

The episode Digitalize my asset with the legendary answers a lot of these questions above and newer episodes that haven’t aired yet will cover most of them. Especially more about digital twins and a natural way of utilizing modern technologies like 5G, AI, ML, edge, and distributed intelligence, in a way that people can understand. And not only understand, but also allow them to work in their respective silos, but with a shared context. Tyson Soutter

The overall summary is that traditional companies need to start to innovate. They shouldn’t necessarily step out of their comfort zone, but actually more stay in it. And define whatever challenge they are having and then work with professionals in getting it solved. If you want to stay in the know and figure out what the world is doing today, and what it will do a week, a month, a year from now, just let me know!

The reason why I read everything is that my role is to advise decision-makers and companies what the world is going to do a month, a year, a decade from now. I try to have a holistic understanding of what is needed to stand out from the competition, in order to better advise on pros and cons and be the strategic partner for both technology and organization-advice in a Smart World Environment (Construction/Industry/Smart Buildings and Cities). Please reach out if you have any questions and comments or if you have any ideas on what I should write next!

And if you or someone you know need help with questions regarding strategy, innovation, and figuring out how modern technologies can help you where you are today. Look no further. WINNIIO will always be by your side. Just reach out to me, Nicolas Waern, on LinkedIn or check out my Podcast Beyond Buildings if you need any assistance.

Nicolas Waern


Nicolas Waern is the CEO, Strategy & Innovation Leader, and a Digital Twin Evangelist at the consulting firm WINNIIO. He is a thought leader around Digitalization and Digital Twins, regarding Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and future-ready strategies. And a firm believer that we have all the ingredients to make the world a better place for everyone.

Nicolas is working with leaders in several industries to understand how they can succeed in the age of AI. Assisting them in creating their future, by predicting what the world will do in a week, a month, a year from now. He does this through a Digitalization- Demand approach for anyone that needs to change before they have to.

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